Marlene Oak – Big Time

Marlene Oak‘s soft and soothing, beautifully emotive new single is called ‘Big Time’ and talks about exploring the idea of finding joy in the simple, mundane things in life. The song is simple, a soft soundscape subtly dressing sweet and naturally shimmering vocals. ‘Big Time’ builds towards an exciting crescendo and leans towards pop, with hints at folk and indie.

Marlene Oak aims to bring light and hope into her listener’s lives and brings positive and uplifting sounding sounds those that take the time to sit back and let the music wash over them. The singer songwriter grew up on a small island outside of Stockholm, which is where some of her inspiration comes from. She was spotted busking on the streets during her teenage years, and the rest is history… Well, almost, with ‘Big Time’ she is certainly getting closer and closer!

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