néomí – I could never leave

The ever-enchanting néomí is back with her new single ‘I could never leave’, it is a tender, sweet and comforting folk pop song with her beautiful vocals in the midst of the mix. The song comes at the same time of the announcement of her support shows with SYML and Jonathan Jeremiah. She is clearly making waves and cementing herself within the modern musical landscape.

‘I could never leave’ is the next in a series of songs being released off her upcoming EP ‘after’. It is an intricate, fragile yet powerful and overwhelmingly impressive song that takes its strength from sounding humble. ‘I could never leave’ acts as a heartfelt curtain call on this moment within her career to date, and channels the sweet and alluring sounds she looks to showcase with every new release.

‘I could never leave’ is an ode to fallen relationships and moving on from troubled times, about the story behind the song, she adds: “Everytime I hear or play it, it brings me back to this one love I had. I couldn’t go, I couldn’t move, I wanted to but also didn’t want to. It’s hard to describe but those who know this feeling know what I mean. It’s about a relationship shifting, like a big force, like stars falling in the sky.”

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