Live at The Cluny: His Lordship

If you are a fan of heavy guitar riffs and wildly rambling, rocking soundscapes, His Lordship and Bruno And The Outrageous Methods Of Presentation will be right up your alley. The bands brought their exciting rock’n’roll to The Cluny for a night filled with groovy sounds!

Bruno And The Outrageous Methods Of Presentation

An ever-moving front man made for an entertaining watch while his backing band played like it cost them no effort at all. Bruno and his band was all smiles during their set and made their audience smile almost immediately, a great power to have! Legs shaking like those of Elvis, Bruno and his band clearly gave it their all. Even though I will probably not remember their lengthy band name, I will certainly remember the eccentric presence of the singer of Bruno And The Outrageous Methods of Presentation!

His Lordship

Before Saturdays gig I was quite oblivious to how far His Lordship’s sound had already travelled but a packed Cluny showed me I wasn’t the only one excited about their fantastic rock sound. The band started their set with the hit we previously reviewed (‘I Live In The City’) and which had turned me on to their sound, with the rest of their set they proved that they are more than one hit wonders.

They deliver a fantastic stage presence elevated by a smooth black and white suit style wardrobe and The Cluny is filled with quiffs and leather jackets (me included… The latter I mean). The vibe is exciting but their audience could be much more energetic! His Lordship gave us every reason to dance and jive but the audience seemed to be a tad shy of throwing those hips around. However, they did know how to make noise, I’ll have to give them that.

The band play their rambling hits ‘Buzzkill’, ‘Catcall’ and ‘I Am in Amsterdam’ and deliver an ode to Jerry Lee Lewis. Sometime mid-set the bass player becomes drummer and the drummer becomes singer and they’ve got us all hooked even more than they already did. His Lordship’s set is filled with intrigue and surprise and delivers on an endless energy that is still making me smile just thinking back to it. I’m already hoping the band will return to Newcastle very soon… For now, I’ll just be listening to their online catalogue on repeat!

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