Live Video: Cosmic Crooner – Goodbye Hollywood

The soft and subtle, almost jazzy sound of Cosmic Crooner will never cease to amaze me, nor cease to calm me in this chaotic, hectic world. ‘Goodbye Hollywood’ is an emotive new indie pop song, and the below video is a live version of the song, performed magnificently by Amsterdam’s Cosmic Crooner. The song builds slowly, and is driven by a minimalistic soundscape that comfortably dresses the rich voice of the Crooner.

‘Goodbye Hollywood’ is taken from the recently released album, ‘The Perks of Being a Hypocrite’, which arrived last month. About his music and the album, Crooner says: “I’d describe Cosmic Crooner as an emotional observative hedonistic joker. I think every song touches upon different themes and has different topics. However the most important message for me with these songs is to always look for inspiration. I hope in some kind of way this album serves as an inspiration for people who listen to it.”

‘Goodbye Hollywood’ does just that, it inspires to sit, listen, and reflect, and with its comforting and charming soundscape makes for the perfect Sunday afternoon companion. On ‘Goodbye Hollywood’, Cosmic Crooner bids a romantic farewell to the past. The roses-drenched video adds a romantic layer to that farewell message.

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