New indie: The Pink Nostalgia, and James Freeborn

The Pink Nostalgia – Space & Time

A new bopping indie pop track was released by Joseph James who is better known as The Pink Nostalgia. His latest and passionate blend of indie pop and synth rock is a bittersweet taster of his upcoming EP, which is due for release next month. ‘Space & Time’ is a lightly swaying pop song with hints at electro pop and emerged out of the realisation of James having to come to terms with one’s own sexuality.

Speaking on the track, Joseph says: “‘Space & Time is pure indie pop. To me, it’s like a polaroid of where I am now – an upbeat yet candid and reflective song looking back at my life, and loving who I am now.”

James Freeborn – The Grave

Freeborn’s latest ‘The Grave’ is a grand indie rock track that builds towards a heavy-hitting, dark sound that listens like a rollercoaster. ‘The Grave’ starts slowly, with a soft soundscape and James’ sharp voice in the middle of the mix, but we soon get thrown into a dark and rocking pit, driven by hard-hitting drums and obscure guitar riffs. ‘The Grave’ is no regular indie track, this one feels, drives and dances like a fire-spewing dragon in a strangely addictive way.

“‘The Grave’ is a fever dream, imagining what it would be like to hover over your own headstone after losing the fight to carry on. It’s a reminder of where I was and a plea for understanding that place, because understanding it is the only way to avoid its repetition.”

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