Wodan Boys – Thunder Glove

The chorus of Wodan Boys‘ latest ‘Thunder Glove’ couldn’t have been more relatable, “I think I want it / I think I need…” more Wodan Boys is what I need. ‘Thunder Glove’ is fittingly enough a thunderous track, mixing alt pop and rock, a bit of punk and some rock’n’roll for good measure. The Dutch band have created an international sound that never ceases to blow me away.

Wodan Boys released a danceable rock track that tells the story from the perspective of Rebel Billy Thunder Glove who’s stuck in a conversation and the emotions of having to accept that he’s over the prime of his life. “We all know him, are him, or deny that he has ever existed.” Theirs is a fast and driving sound, high energy, loud and balancing the line between a violent guitar sound and cheeky melodic hooks. You’ll have to hear it to believe it…

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