Wild Child – Dear John

‘Dear John’ is the new softly shimmering sweet pop song by Austin-based ensemble Wild Child and it’s taken from the recently release album ‘End of the World’! A thumping, beautifully subtle soundscape supports the unfringed vocals of their singer. It is a deeply contemplating pop song that slowly builds towards a very catchy chorus that is hard to get out of your head after you have listened to ‘Dear John’ even just once.

They build soundscapes consisting of quiet acoustic instrumental compositions and swelling band sounds driven by distorted bass lines and reversed guitars. Add a layer of strings and you have ‘Dear John’, the strongest song of the album. “The orchestration’s progression mirrors that of the track’s story, as the song’s narrator finds the confidence within herself to stand firm against the advances of an old flame.”

It is a charming and relatable sound and story, and a warm-hearted introduction to the sound of Wild Child.

“Sometimes, the ‘End of the World’ is only the beginning…”

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