Ingrid and the Ministers – Bowie

Ingrid and the Ministers released their brand new single ‘Bowie’ in March and its a beautifully wandering alt pop track with gorgeous vocals about enjoying the last bittersweet moments of a relationship before it ends. This tasty treat and slow build up makes for an enigmatic new release, ‘Bowie’ is incredibly easy to listen to and hard not to listen to on repeat.

These scrumptious vocals and its subtle soundscape go together hand in hand and make for a dynamic sound and song. Single ‘Bowie’ comes following the band’s recent album announcement, an album that was released only a few days ago! ‘Bowie’ is the highlight of our day, a strong start and a comforting end, a favourite of the album and the perfect introduction to the swaying sound of Ingrid and the Ministers.

Their psychedelic pop rock is inspired by real life events and drenches in analogies, on ‘Bowie’ they said: “There’s an analogy between the bed and a grave that runs through the whole song, reinforcing the fact that the relationship is done and being “put to rest”. This is by far our most indie rock track. I wanted it to have a steady beat that just keeps moving ahead while the lyrics remain contemplative and attached to those last moments.” And so they did.

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