Josephine x Pink Skies -ILYSM

A soft and hazy new psychedelic pop song was released by Josephine and Pink Skies, their collaboration resulted in ‘ILYSM’, which is out now on Cosmic Jelly Records. The sweet pop track is driven by gorgeous vocals and an eccentric soundscape, sounding softly thumping and comforting thanks to its glossy vocal lines.

Josephine’s latest is a love song as sweet and honey, with poetic lyrics that make us want the love she has; “say you want to lose weight, but I don’t want your curves to melt away”. The song features Pink Skies and guitarist Max Shashoua and was celebrated with a release party including Venice Beach clean-up. The song is an unhurried, swaying, sunshine-drenched surf pop song that would fit your happy-go-lucky playlists perfectly!

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