The Moonjacks – Fishnets

Recently, life has gotten rather in the way of what makes me happy. One of those things is fast paced indie rock tracks and The Moonjacks brought me right back to where I wanted to be with their latest single ‘Fishnets’. It is those sharp, yet soft, and naturally sounding vocals and its driving drum-driven soundscape that make the song a pleasant one to listen to on repeat. An instant mood-lifter, the single is a great introduction to this alt pop sound The Moonjacks have developed.

‘Fishnets’ is the third off the upcoming album and is an upbeat surf rock track about a girl… “Simple, but sweet.” The rowdy three-piece from California take, adamantly, inspiration from many different genres and have blended those into a simple yet refined and well-produced sound and ‘Fishnets’ might be one of our favourites from the band so far! Listen to the single below and tag along for the ride, because the upcoming album is one not to miss.

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