Video: Tokio Hotel – When We Were Younger

If you’re at least my age, this will be a true blast from the past, and a song title couldn’t be more apt! Tokio Hotel are back… On my radar, with new single ‘When We Were Younger’. The song comes with a video that shows a barely recognisable band, to me. Their latest is a strong pop rock sound with great vocals and a strong sense of melancholy. The synth pop and rock-inspired outfit are playing fourteen shows across eight countries as we speak and released their seventh studio album last year.

Even though they had disappeared off my radar, they have clearly not been sitting still yet only cemented their way back onto my lists with this latest release that feels like a colourful and cosmic synth pop track with simple lyrics and soft, strong vocals. The four-piece are lifting a corner of the curtain and show what is going on behind the scenes with this new single and its accompanying video. The German band have received many an award and have played all over the world, their reputation might now be bigger than ever. With their music they reach a wide-ranged audience and with ‘When We Were Younger’ they show how much they’ve grown and evolved.

Find the band’s live dates below as well as their latest single!

30 April – London
2 May – Brussels
4 May – Frankfurt
6 May – Arnhem
7 May – Cologne
9 May – Stuttgart
10 May – Milan
12 May – Barcelona
14 May – Lyon
15 May – Paris
17 May – Leipzig
18 May – Hamburg
19 May – Berlin
22 May – Katowice

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