Pa Sheehy – Meet Me At The Record Store

The former lead singer of Walking On Cars has returned, but solo; Pa Sheehy has recently released his new track ‘Meet Me At The Record Store’ which is taken from the upcoming EP! The single is a nostalgic trip down memory lane revisiting the local record store of the singer’s teenage self. In his own words, “‘Meet Me At The Record Store’ is the idea of going back in time and meeting my younger self to see what he’s like. I wonder if that eureka moment hearing Bowie in that old record store never happened, who would I be?”

His rough and raw sound is personal and emotive, brings a new meaning to the pop rock genre, and sounds like the acoustic version of a grand and anthemic rock song. ‘Meet Me At The Record Store’ builds on stunning vocals and a very simple, sweet soundscape. The track is a gorgeous slice of pop brough back to its basics. On his solo music and how it should be interpreted, Pa says: “I want to communicate the raw feeling that was on fire the day each song was written. To capture that on the record is really special but to bring that feeling on the road with you and to deliver it is where it’s at and for me, that’s where the magic is!”

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