EP: Dreams on Tape – Tomorrows Unknown

There’s a brand new EP that has recently been released by Tampa-based indie project Dreams on Tape and it’s a six track counting, ethereal dream pop-filled piece of art! The EP is a truly eclectic blend of sounds and influences and fills my heart and ears with joy and day dreams.

The EP is called ‘Tomorrows Unknown’ and was released at the start of this month, all of its tracks are soaked in dreamy nostalgia and built on a hazy lo-fi type of sound. Cinematic elements and beautifully crafted jazz-fluenced guitar lines add a beautiful playlist to the band’s discography. Dreams on Tape have blended their signature lo-fi vibes with an emotive indie film score and have essentially released a soundtrack to a film you’ve never seen yet it feels strangely familiar.

It is a warm, musical, theatrical and beautiful adventure lasting a good fifteen minutes. The experimental group have created and crafted a sound that is true to who they are. Dreams on Tape is the moniker of Jake Benfant, who writes and records everything in his apartment. The project takes influences from coming of age films, music documentaries, vintage photographs, modern bedrooms and dream pop artists… The result can be listened to below!

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