The Sweet Serenades – Don’t Cry

‘Don’t Cry’ is the latest from Swedish one man band The Sweet Serenades and it is adding a more playful sound to the discography of The Sweet Serenades! ‘Don’t Cry’ is the first single from the bands fifth and upcoming album ‘Everything Dies’ and is a soothing and beautifully crooning track that is a constant comfort throughout.

The song is made up of driving drums, catchy guitar riffs and playful synths and talks about depression and dealing with struggling loved ones. “The feeling you have when you want to fix something but you just don’t have the tools.”

‘Don’t Cry’ is the soundtrack for future road trips, while we’re driving through uncharted territory with the wind in our hair. “It’s a simple song about complicated things. I grew up listening to Guns ‘n Roses, and even though I haven’t listened to them in a couple of decades it feels great to borrow one of their hit-titles.”

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