Flugel – Pull Some Strings

A randomly dramatically up beat release has been launched into the world, landing on its feet, standing a strong and noble statue. It’s ‘Pull Some Strings’ by Flugel, a song with a load of charisma and outstanding musical compositions. Swinging back and forth between rhythms and musical sections, ‘Pull Some Strings’ does not let go of your attention. In combination with dainty vocals and very pleasant percussion, ‘Pull Some Strings’ is towering over its competitors.

“‘Pull Some Strings’ tells tales of city living, public transportation, and the trials of the working individual.” Its lyrics are hopeful and encouraging, as well as the fine dance moves the rhythm comes with. The trio came together in all sorts of random ways, such as a comment thread on Reddit and a move from North Carolina to Chicago. On the first listen of ‘Pull Some Strings’ it seems to sound as random as the band’s coming together, however giving it more spins, the single turns into a short story and the beginning of a new season. I’d love to hear what you think of it! 

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