Girl Afraid – Dutch Courage (preview)

Yorkshire based Indie rock band Girl Afraid are set to release their new single ‘Dutch Courage’ on the 7th February and it’s an outstanding lively rock tune!

I feel privileged to have received this track before its release as it’s not out there for everyone to hear just yet! It’ll surface next month and I’d like to give you a preview and my thoughts on it before it’s even out. I can imagine it will take the rock scene by storm.

Grand drums set this track on fire from the start, with a bass line sitting up front in true indie passion. It’s a lively piece about having confidence and I can only imagine how this sounds live. Main vocals from Sam Mellors are delivered with meaning and poise and the clever use of a Tannoy effect flows well throughout.

Whilst similar to some of the indie greats, it has found its own way to the party. I can hear various influences including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, yet it is hard to compare it to anything currently out and about on the indie charts. With the festival season not too far in the future, I would not be surprised to see these chaps making their way onto a few bills. This would sound colossal at the Reading and Leeds indie tent…

Words by James Davids

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