Ben Catley – Run

‘Run’ by Ben Catley is an atmospheric audio journey that brings to mind images of the Australian-based artist exploring the Australian outback with nothing but his bare feet and boundaries of his physical endurance. The acoustic introduction lures one into a sense of tranquillity, before a driving pulse sets the song alight. Chill-inducing vocals complete the picture: the lyrics captivating the listener’s imagination and letting their mind run wild. A wonderfully refreshing song that stands apart from the generic and deserves attention for all the right reasons.

Speaking to Ben, he explains that the inspiration for the song comes from his love of running, and ways in which physical activities can be harnessed for the health of the mind, body and spirit. This is evident throughout the song and helps elevate it to new heights: not just for the casual listener, but for those who share the passion for running and can, in turn, use it when outside – the beat and atmosphere make it ideal for pushing oneself that little bit further.

All in all this is a song that has something for everyone, but we expect it to particularly resonate with those that share the passion for fitness; try listening in the gym or when running through the countryside.

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