Aiko – Bad Influence (video)

I’m a tiny bit lost for words, which is either a bad thing when writing a review, or a good thing when being speechless because of a spot on voice. I am usually not a fan of the commercial and generic pop song, however Aiko punched me in the feels with the beautiful vocals that come in at the first couple of seconds of ‘Bad Influence’. After that first verse the song flows into a happy go lucky, rather bubbly sound about the bad kids. Or at least, that’s what they say… Multi-instrumentalist Aiko was born in Moscow and now calls London her hometown. She created an effortless sound that thrives on what chart-listeners nowadays enjoy. It’s a simple but sweet song that is accompanied by a fun video that shows a group of friends enjoying their lives.

Recap of the single; I thoroughly enjoyed the intro and lost only half my attention throughout the single. Simple pop is something that works, a sound that makes all of us move, if we want to or not. Talking about ‘Bad Influence’ I think I found a new soundtrack to what used to be my pre-drinking phase. Not having heard of Aiko before, I can’t judge on how she has developed but it seems she knows where she’s headed.

The single is taken from her forthcoming EP, which will reflect ideas of influence and adolescence and I am actually kind of excited about it! This was a nice introduction for me to get to know Aiko, and I hope the same goes for you.

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