The Midnight Club – Love Yourself (video)

It is more than just a single, it is more than just a video, this is a short film with an equally intriguing soundtrack and it has been released by The Midnight Club. Electrifying, up beat and a good old throwback to the time Grease was still super cool. This video is slick shot after slick shot and the music thrives on it. Talking good suits? Learn from The Midnight Club!

The Midnight Club make bombastic 70’s glam rock, combined with alternative pop influences. ‘Love Yourself’ boasts of self love and encourages the listener to be confident in the skin they were born in. It’s the summer full of blues poured into a fancy, engraved wineglass. Add some fine high notes and sweet harmonies plus thrilling guitar riffs and what you’ve got is ‘Love Yourself’. It is the glam-rock-style video that got me into this song, you’re right, not even the music. I was pleasantly surprised to realise that there are still videos out there that are actually worth watching.

Interested how the video and song came to be? I had a brief chat with guitarist Harry. So where did the idea for the video come from? “We found that room with the tiger and wanted to do a video sort’ve in the same vein as the performance shots in T Rex’s “Born To Boogie” movie. We didn’t want to overcomplicate the video with an elaborate storyline, since the room was so cool. Our director (Ross Stoner) had the idea to do the mirror shots on a whim since he wanted the message of self love to be more clear.”

What inspired you to write this song? “The song was also inspired by T Rex and started out as our version of their song “Mambo Sun”. The lyrics pretty much wrote themselves as soon as I thought of the melody and it wasn’t really until the end of the process that the themes of self love started to become apparent to me. Now whenever I hear the song, my main takeaway is just that life is too short to spend any time criticizing what you see in the mirror.”

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