Jess Chalker – Secrets

‘Secrets’ is a soft punch on the shoulder and the new single by Jess Chalker. It’s the no-intro that got me, as my attention is a hard one to grasp. Jess demands you to listen to her, and with ‘Secrets’ she made me listen. “You’re always on my mind…” is one of the catchy lines that made me feel a giggle come up, as if seeing your crush for the first time after a long, hot summer. It’s her spot on voice that stretches a broad vocal range and the way that it floats on the instrumental soundscape Chalker created. Mesmerising and up beat, as well as a chuckle and something not to be taken too seriously. The up beat instrumentals and the synth sounds might not sound to extraordinary, it’s mainly Jess’s personality that shines through and says “Hello, here I am, let’s have a bit of fun!” Literally…

“I wrote ‘Secrets’ as a bit of fun, thinking it would be cool to write something kooky and danceable, kind of like an indie-er, 2020 version of ‘Hey Mickey’.” said Chalker. “I also love that lyrically and musically ‘Secrets’ feels really light and playful; it’s a nice flip against a concept that might have otherwise taken itself a bit too seriously.” Yes, that’s what I said, Jess…

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