Twin Stranger – Tears of Joy

Twin Stranger bring a new and distorted sound that is both relaxed and hurried, ‘Tears of Joy’ is their latest release. It’s the riffs and distortion that offer the foundation for Twin Stranger’s main vocals to lean against. Being a rather steadily, slow song it’s a bit of a breather from the upset punk that is being released as an answer to goofy politics nowadays. Next to being a modern rock band, it’s the ambiance that sets them apart from the bands that make what fits in the box. Swinging ambiance with a slight waltz that dances through the woods is what I imagine when listening to ‘Tears of Joy’.

“Tears of Joy was written from the point of view of a couple in the not so distant future, looking through a scrapbook of their lives with fond but hazy distant memories of first loves and exploring the world together. It’s about not taking things for granted, what might seem like the mundane 9-5 grind now, could turn out to be some of the best moments of your life. It’s about not wishing those moments away.”

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