Laurens Court – Burn (video)

Dark experimental grunge outfit Laurens Court have released a new single and video that is a haunting and intriguing piece of dark rock. A slow intro eases you into the new single, followed by a dark couplet that flows on singer Dylan’s voice. An incredible high, unexpected hook follows in the form of the chorus. ‘Burn’ is a thought-through and dramatic song that shows Laurens Court’s strongest assets. It’s their dragging and intense sound that goes hand in hand with the video the band created; a painful and brutally honest narrative of a burning house.

I must admit that it took me some time to get into the song, as the intro took me a bit too long. However, after listening again and again the intro only makes sense and is essential to be able to complete the story of ‘Burn’. Next to being an intriguing piece of the band’s musical brain, ‘Burn’ is also the first single of the bands’ upcoming self titled album. It is the beginning of a new chapter for the alt rock outfit, as their new sound is more polished and less of the ‘simply angry’ they used to be. Their live set is not just about singing their songs, but about performing them. You’ll have to love a bit of theater to be able to enjoy Laurens Court live.

On the 4th of April the band is celebrating the release of their new album at the Bridge Hotel in Newcastle, with support from Faithful Johannes.

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