Opus Orange – Give You Everything

It’s a distorted and dragging sound, it’s an almost wining and stomping sound that Opus Orange are bringing with ‘Give You Everything’. It works because of the hooks they’re bringing, the unexpected turns in the road that lead through another forest. It’s the blurry and messy soundscape the band have created to accommodate the vocals that sing about the battle between best intentions and passivity and how guitars can help. Guitars definitely worked for the Santa Monica-based buzzy rock outfit’s new single. ‘Give You Everything’ is taken from their newest album ‘Miles from Nowhere’ and it had me captured, hooked and a addicted.

It’s the fact that ‘Give You Everything’ stuck with me and as soon as the song was done playing I wanted to hear it again. It’s the hammering harmonies, the noise and all of that in combination with some infectious pop melodies. It’s time for you to give it a listen, and let us know what you think!

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