The Satellite Station – Phantom

Harmonies are a recurring theme and always will be. The Satellite Station used them to give more depth to their latest release. One that is a build up of emotions and small gestures in the form of a sweet and endearing single. Its story connects with me on a deeper level, being about loss and dealing with having to live without a loved one. The harmonies are haunting and ‘I can almost hear you…’ brought tears to my eyes. It’s a heartwarming way to deal with loss and sharing the feeling of it. The most important message I felt free enough to take from this single is to always let other people in to be able to deal together. Important to know is that we never have to cope with loss on our own, even if there is no person around there will be music to guide us through our feelings and the emotional forest we all get lost in sometimes.

It’s the soothing sounds, the slow rhythm that feels unhurried and completely at ease. Thank you, The Satellite Station, for giving me another handle to hold on to when I feel like slipping away.


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