Twist Helix, Stock Manager and Artio live at The Cumberland Arms

My all time favourite electro punk outfit Twist Helix released their new single ‘Louder’ on the 28th of February with a banging release show at The Cumberland Arms in collaboration with Off Axis. The first time I witnessed Twist Helix live was on a special night almost exactly a year ago, organised by Pillar Artists. The night took place in a very special venue and Twist Helix won over my heart with their catchy riffs and never-ending energy. They did it all over again at The Cumberland Arms.

Being tastemakers within the scene and being recognised for their impeccable taste in choosing support acts, I was more than excited to get to the venue early. First band one was Leeds-based alternative synth-pop outfit Artio. The trio brought all their energy to the stage and made sure no body was left unmoved. Their follow uppers were equally intriguing rock trio Stock Manager from Glasgow. The band went for a semi-shy and rather introvert appearance but throughout their set the band could no longer keep their masks on and let their hair down. It was a lavish celebration of some sweet and wild rock and riffs.

This was only the beginning, as soon as Twist Helix entered the stage, the energy became visible throughout the room. Sparks flew around, together with a bucket full of sweat drips and nothing but big smiles. It was the release of their newest single we celebrated. ‘Louder’ is a slap in the face, a cold glass of water to wake you up. The single was a long time in the making, with a very important message: “There is no gender equality in music.” The band explains: “It is our sincerest wish that people realise everyone has a voice and difference is an asset not a hindrance. We couldn’t put it any more concisely than the bridge section of ‘Louder’.” It’s the passion and their love for music, the bands’ roots and their beliefs that make them not only great musicians but also great humans. It’s a pleasure to be in the presence of Twist Helix, and it especially was last week!

Listen to ‘Louder’ and share your thoughts on its message!

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