Cat Ryan – Mannerism

My new favourite modern shoegaze outfit is called Cat Ryan, and the Newcastle-based trio have just released their new single ‘Mannerism’. An up beat, happy-go-lucky and nonchalant sound is what describes Cat Ryan best. ‘Mannerism’ is nearly two and a half minutes of just that, high pitched tones that make us forget about our daily struggles for a bit.

All of a sudden they were there, winning over our hearts with their silly but serious art rock and refined lyrics. Singer Mary-Anne explains what the single is about: “Mannerism is a self-reflexive song based on the frustration of trying to read people, sometimes to the extent that it controls your everyday thoughts”. Their self-conscious character sets them apart from the indie scene that we can currently barely escape from. Cat Ryan gives you stuff to think about, and they do it in a catchy and fashionable way!

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