Luna Bec – Come Over Tonight

Luna Bec had me mesmerised ever since her single ‘Power to Change’, a powerful and inspiring pop song about the power we carry as humans. Her latest single is called ‘Come Over Tonight’ and is something rather different than that first single that got me hooked to the young London-based singer songwriter. ‘Come Over Tonight’ shines a light on the more commercial pop side of Luna Bec. It is a thought-through eclectic mix of her outstanding voice and electronic effects, with a dreamy and sonic mood. Luna shows to be a versatile and passionate artists that does not deliver half work. Her music covers a broad range of genres and inspirations but she is never far away from her jazz and folk-roots.

‘Come Over Tonight’ is about intimacy and desire, Luna explains: “It’s also about conflict and healing, both on a personal and on a societal level. How often do we really listen to another person, without trying to fix or change them so we don’t have to experience the discomfort of their suffering?”

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