Two Years Vacation – Don’t Know Anybody Else

Needing this is a mellow way of expressing how much the up beat and energetic vibes of Two Years Vacation were needed. It’s the guitar lines, the vocals and the harmonies, the video that shows a band having fun, it’s all of it together. It’s a simple song, there’s not much changes in rhythm and the whole product is rather repetitive, however it did not throw me off this time. The band is bridging the gap between everyday optimism and the feeling of sunbathing on a tropical beach while sipping a brightly coloured cocktail.

After releasing two EP’s, Two Years Vacation joined forces with Hamburg-based label Clouds Hill and Warner Music Germany. This resulted in last year’s album ‘Slacker Island’ which is a numeration of eleven tracks of unadulterated indie pop. Two Years Vacation offer escapism through their art, this latest tropical pop track is no exception of the rule!

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