Adélaide – Trippin’

Somehow Adélaide awakened a fire and a smile within me and I don’t know how and why it happened but their latest single ‘Trippin” did it for me. It’s the easy-going, lo-fi and low tempo kind of style the duo is making that I appreciate and enjoy. There is no rush in this song, nor too much energy or too much going on. ‘Trippin” is a mellow-minded indie pop song about “leaving one life behind and starting a new one, going on a journey and making changes that will make you feel happier. It’s about feeling lighthearted and free.” Written in Berlin and produced by Marcel Dadalto, the song spreads freedom in a multicultural light. The duo explains a little more on how the song came to be; “‘Trippin” is a song about travelling and memories of travelling, the artwork for it represents the Vinicunca mountains in Peru with its psychedelic colors. The uncommon structure and somehow repetitive beat is supposed to make the listener feel as if on a trip.”

That feeling of being on, or in, a trip is majestically captured with ‘Trippin”. And even though the indie pop duo only formed in late 2019, they seem to know rather well where their musical career is headed. Taking influences from the places they grew up in, vocalist Tanuy in France and drummer Marina in America, their sound is one that exceeds borders. The duo is now based in Berlin, where they write and produce their own music. Their third single will be released at the end of April and I’m more than curious to hear what that is going to sound like!

Adélaide is for fans of Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club and Gorillaz.

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