Outline – Candid

‘Candid’ is the latest release from Brummie boys Outline. I first came across this track recently, and I have to say, it is becoming a firm favourite for April.

It is a song which documents the struggles and hardships of having to watch an ex-partner fall in love with someone new. Therefore, if you are currently coming out of a relationship, then this one is for you. Nevertheless, it is not all doom and gloom as you may think. ‘Candid’ is a vibrant and upbeat release. It has all the ingredients to get those endorphins flowing around your body, and it left me itching for a summer pint.

The lead singer, Jack, is a talent. He has a voice which could fill up stadiums, and I am not surprised to see him getting recognised for his ability. However, it is not just Jack who brings expertise to the table. All members have a unique offering with a little bit for all music lovers. It will not be a shock if the guitarist is a huge fan of bands from the indie-rock heyday because I can hear a strong influence. The guitar reminds me of many of the greats. The bass and drums follow a jazzy rhythm. The vocals are in a place of their own with a more commercial vibe similar to Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendez and Matt Healy.

I am yet to see a music video for this release, but it would be great to see one. This type of track needs a video to cement its message even further. Who knows, the band may be in the pipeline of releasing one? Well, I will be keeping a close check on that and so should you.

Words by James Davids

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