Benzo Beneluxo – Come On Home

Dutch alternative pop artist Benzo Beneluxo has created a short journey through his creative brain with latest video and single ‘Come On Home’. A combination of low pitched vocals, contrasting harmonies and a laid back soundscape make this a very relaxed background sound for your Sunday afternoons. It’s the sugar sweet atmosphere that gives a lighter touch to the heavy subjects the musician talks about. Benzo Beneluxo covers everything from dangerous journeys to uncertain love and with ‘Come On Home’ they talk about the loss of a close family member through suicide.

The not so inventive rhythm is what would usually start frustrating me rather soon, but this time it was just the right fit for the soothing vocals that lead us through ‘Come On Home’. The video of ‘Come On Home’ shows a passenger travelling by car, embarking on an island adventure through sunny Madeira. Throw in some puppies and kittens and you have a great distraction from your daily routine! The single is also a great introduction to the upcoming EP, bound to be released at the end of this year!

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