ZELAH – Closer

‘Closer’ is a haunting electronic pop song fueled by artificial drum beats and roaring synths. It’s the new release of London-based duo ZELAH. Inspired by personal experiences and influences from dark electro pop, the duo have created a simmering sound. It’s dark and dreamy and touches slightly upon commercial pop. ‘Closer’ is the follow up single of ‘Static’ and showcases their atmospheric beat loops with their peculiar vocals. Speaking about the time that inspired ‘Closer’, Zelah says: “The song was written about two years ago when I first moved to London. It’s full of conflicting emotions as well as pretty reflective on the modern dating culture and the level of uncertainty everyone feels with a new relationships. It also has a lot of those amazing, positive feelings in the early stages of something when you just can’t stop thinking about someone.”

Both ‘Static’ and ‘Closer’ will be featured on the upcoming EP, which is due for release on the 1st of May. The EP promises to be an exciting overview of the Bristol- and Cambridge-based duo’s musical journey. The two met by chance and instantly formed a connection over a shared love of dark sound and somber lyrics. Luckily for me, I’m sharing that love too, and I’m happy to have run into ZELAH.

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