Premiere: Tallmoe – Be My Enemy

‘Be My Enemy’ is the third single of 90’s rock outfit Tallmoe who are crossing borders and bringing their music to their worldwide audience. It’s their soothing sound that combines raspy vocals with hook-fueled compositions that make their sound one I thoroughly enjoy. Even though ‘Be My Enemy’ is due for release on the 16th of April, but right at the bottom of this article you will find an exclusive pre-releaes of the single!

‘Be My Enemy’ is a song about break up and the hateful feelings that come with it, even though you wouldn’t be able to tell from the slightly up beat sound of it. ‘Be My Enemy’ turned out not to be just single number three, but the third release of a song-trilogy. The rise and fall of love relationships are central in this trilogy, as first single ‘Around’ is about hope and love, and second single ‘Autocomplete To Win’ is about apathy and boredom. Touching on the main subjects of a lot of relationships, Tallmoe have created a great summary of our past, present and most definitely future relationships.

Singer songwriter Jesper Fielding: “Things always start with a melody that feels good, and a text phrase that the song is built around. Usually it ends up in interpersonal relationships – not necessarily based on own experiences – because that’s obviously what fascinates me the most.”

Have a listen to the pre-release of ‘Be My Enemy’ here and follow Tallmoe on Spotify to be the first to listen to the full track!

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