Get to know Temples Of Youth

There is not much I love more than getting to know the people behind the music I enjoy so much. This time it’s up to Southampton-based dream pop outfit Temples Of Youth! Let’s see what we can get to know about them and their music right before the release of their new single ‘Suburbia’ which is due for release on the 24th of April!

Could you sum up Temples Of Youth in one sentence?

J: Indie dream pop trying to do something different.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

J: I read a lot – I get inspiration from other people’s stories or my own. I spend a lot of time on lyrics, I like how Patti Smith writes – how she romanticises everything.
P: I listen out for interesting sounds that can create a feeling. It could be influenced by an artist I like or just through late night musical experiments.

Who have you been influenced by?

P: Probably all music I listen to influences me in some way as it teaches you what works for you and what doesn’t. It can either inspire an idea or it can drive you to create something in complete contrast.

What is one of your best music-related memories?

J: We used to have a turntable in our lounge when I was a kid. My mum used to play old rock and roll records and dance with my sister and me – it was one of my happiest times.
P: Learning to play a full song on the family guitar when I was 14 and getting my own as a reward.

Who are your two favourite upcoming artists of 2020?

J: I’ve just discovered Egoism who I really like, and we recently played with Penelope Isles who I think are going to have a great year.
P: They’re already doing pretty well but I’m enjoying new music from Soccer Mommy and King Krule.

What festivals were you planning on going to this year?

J: I was hoping to go to Smoked and Uncut, which is a local festival to us in the New Forest. I would also have liked to have gone to End of the Road. I just hope next year we’ll be back to normal.

What are you currently doing to keep busy?

J: I am working from home at the moment, supporting students with online learning. It’s a strange time. I’m also writing music, reading and trying to teach myself some piano.
P: I’m also working from home, trying to eat healthy, exercise and not go crazy.

Any tips for music-fans that would like to help bands out that are in trouble due to income losses?

J: If there’s a band you really like and you stream their music a lot – invest a little more in them if you can afford it. See if they have a website and buy some merch or a record, every little helps and a lot of bands who rely on their income are going to be struggling right now.


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