Fossway – Grey Cloud

‘Grey Cloud’ is the latest single of alternative rock band Fossway from Newcastle. The band have released a banging EP just at the end of last year and are now back with a new and infectious single that I’ve had on repeat since its release yesterday. Think of The Blinders, Calva Louise and Rush, add screeching riffs and a pinch of whimsy and you’ve got Fossway. The band played multiple festivals last year and poured their heart and soul out on stage, which got me into the band.

It’s the upbeat riffs, the inventive compositions throughout the entire song and the intriguing vocals of frontman Dan that have Fossway standing out. About ‘Grey Cloud’ the band says they were looking to prove their versatility by improving their already established sound and expanding into a more progressive and heavy rock sound. “More simply, we wanted this song to be our boldest, loudest and most sophisticated yet.” When we’re talking lyrically, ‘Grey Cloud’ is about the feeling of being detached to your own body. Feelings of detachment being because of stress, anxiety and social alienation. In a modern society where everyone would like to be heard and a lot of us are screaming for attention, be that mentally or physically, it’s important to stay true to yourself. For me, ‘Grey Cloud’ made the grey clouds disappear and offered comfort and a friend to trust.

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