Charmless i – Take Me Home Tonight

One of my favourite live gigs of last year was the one of Franz Ferdinand in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Charmless i are expressing their influencing by before-mentioned band through their new single ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ and its similarities in sound. Hearing the new song instantly gave me flashbacks and goosebumps. The Dutch indie rock outfit have just recorded their third EP ‘Make Me Wanna’ and released ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ last week. It’s the start of a new musical chapter for the band, being a mix of filthy riffs, shaking compositions and bouncing drum rolls. ‘Make Me Wanna’ promises to be a mix of both organic instruments and a mix of electronic vibes and showcases nearly all aspects of the band’s musical spectrum.

Charmless i have created their own extravagant blend of punchy intros, intriguing vocals, ongoing guitar riffs and an enormous amount of energy. The intro of their new release is just that and more, with the energy fading just a little throughout the song, the ending is back up to where it began. Charmless i is a Dutch-based 90’s rock’n’roll promise with a ‘sod all’ attitude and with their last release they gained a new fan, and that fan is writing this right now!

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