Strandels – Talking To The Moon

If you would like your dreams translated into a dreamy synth-driven pop song, knock on Strandels‘ door. The Swedish duo create ambient dream pop with ‘Talking To The Moon’ being their newest release. A combination of astonishing harmonies and a soulful background soundscape that complements the high pitched vocals throughout the chorus.

Strandels deliver the full package, with stunning artwork, complete socials, an angel-like appearance and that is only to complement their sound and to enhance their reputation. The sibling duo have been working towards their upcoming debut album since they started making music and found their honest and melancholic sound while on that journey. Combine their dream pop with heartfelt stories inspired by personal experiences, add some raw emotions to that and you have heart breaking songs that make soft eggs like me tear up. ‘Talking To The Moon’ is a story about inner demons and the struggle with those, “In our case it’s about not feeling comfortable with opening up fully to a real person, so you turn to the moon (like a metaphor of talking to nothingness) and that you never get an answer.”

The pair have been praised since the release of their debut EP ‘Chance of Rain’ in 2016 and have performed at The Great Escape as well as on some of Sweden’s biggest TV-shows. The debut album is set for release this spring, so keep your eyes and ears out for the talented Swedish duo!

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