Harry Mold – Treadmill In A Desert

Harry Mold goes for the middle ground with his new single ‘Treadmill In A Desert’, his steadily up beat indie rock is infectious and involves many a hook which makes this a rather interesting release. The London-based singer songwriter brings prophetic lyrics indulged in blazing riffs and rhythm-changes that demand the listener’s attention. “‘Treadmill In A Desert’ is about the pressure you can feel when you’re in a stationary state of mind. This feeling made me feel like I was about to explode, so I transmitted that straight into this song.”

This single is the follow up of ‘Python’, which is a more stable and less hook-fueled indie rock song. It’s rather generic, yet still showcases a contagious sound that suits nearly all my playlists. Harry’s vocals are comparable to Tom Grennan’s raspy voice which is what I appreciate most about ‘Treadmill In A Desert’. His latest release is a well-woven story, from beginning, through the middle, until the end.

Harry Mold is a self-produced multi-instrumentalist that entered the scene only last year with debut single ‘Drain’. Ever since he’s been gathering attention with his steady and consistent sound. I am more than curious to hear more off this lad and am wondering where on the charts he’ll end up…

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