Juliper Sky – Infinite Jets

A dream pop single fueled by guitar riffs has been released by one of my recent favourite discoveries Juliper Sky, and it’s exactly what I think sunshine sounds like. ‘Infinite Jets’ is the follow up single of their debut EP ‘Visions Of A New Age’, it’s a warm sunlit path surrounded by colourful flowers and fueled by synths, soaked in reverb. The vocals are laying far in the back and sound as if coming from another world. ‘Infinite Jets’ doesn’t sound much different than their earlier released singles and even though at some point I’ll get tired of it, I’m not yet, and I really dig the Juliper Sky-sound.

The path that Juliper Sky have laid out leads towards an escape out of our current world and is filled with feelings of ecstasy and indulgence. Lyrically, the song is about the human struggle of breaking old habits and changing most natural desires. Dan in his own words: “Infinite Jets is an intentionally vague thing, but it essentially describes the process of trying to escape old habits and desires but failing to do so and ending up in a vicious cycle. The somber tone is disguised with some trippy and colourful phrasing.”

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