Jacques’ Favourites

Jacques Labouchere came onto my radar not too long ago and the fantastic musician agreed to share some of his favourite music with us!

Where do you find new music and inspiration?
Well, I love to listen to Awesome Tapes from Africa, BBC6’s Abbie Mac and Lauren Lavern and when Jarvis Cocker has his “Sunday Service” program, as well as to new releases Burger Records’ “Rock n Roll Radio Show”.

What is your favourite place to listen to music?
My favorite place to listen to music is when I am out on a walk or bike ride or at home cooking in the kitchen or after chilling lying on my living room floor totally alone with no distractions.

What activity are you unable to do without music?

What are currently your 10 favourite tracks?

1. Edvard Hernevik – Getting Ready
2. This Frontier Needs Heroes – Colorado Camping Catastrophe
3. Hollow Ship – We Came Too Late
4. The Blank Tapes – Took Too Much
5. Jason Simon – Past The Western Wall
6. Doug Tuttle – Darkness Under Blight
7. Olden Yolk – Cut To The Quick
8. Mac DeMarco – Finally Alone
9. Joel Sarakula – Midnight Driver
10. Jude Shuma – Bag of Luv

Jacques’ latest single is the honest, open and upbeat ‘Baggage’.

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