Marsicans – These Days

‘These Days’ hits it off with the hazy and rather sensual voice of singer James that gave me goosebumps right away. Let’s say that Marsicans earned some instant points with such an intense intro, besides those vocals being both comforting and soothing, the overall sound of their latest single isn’t a unique nor a newly invented wheel. The band builds upon the established indie rock sound bands such as Blossoms, The Kooks and Sundara Karma have made big. It’s a successful formula consisting of simple lyrics that are easy to sing along to and a rhythm that is infectious and makes it hard for its listeners not to move.

The following the band have built themselves have started trusting in getting a sound that they recognise, something that is familiar. Now there’s nothing wrong with familiar, but I wish bands wouldn’t be penalised as much for changing their sound or experimenting musically. I wish Marsicans would have done a little more of that, even though part of me also belongs to the group of fans that prefers to know exactly what the next song is going to be. ‘These Days’ is a very good indie pop song and comes with four other tracks all brought together on the new Marsicans EP!

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