Driffield-based indie five-pieces PRIESTGATE have just released their first proper single release and ‘NOW’ is something I’d like to hear more of. It’s their smooth, nearly screaming vocals that are what had me interested in the band that take inspiration from The Cure and DIIV. Somehow it seems The Cure has regained interest from young and emerging bands, something I completely support! It is PRIESTGATE’s grand gesture in the form of ‘NOW’, the openness of their sound and the warmth of their soundscape that has me intrigued and the track on repeat.

The band have been experimenting the past year and seemed to have found the sound they feel most comfortable in. Before ‘NOW’ they released stellar dream pop track ‘Wouldn’t Life’, a track with an intro that is slightly too long if you ask me, and a more laid back rhythm. Their vocals have improved and have received a brighter spotlight with their latest release and the band seemingly have discovered how to throw some hooks in the mix. About the track, the band says: “‘NOW’ is our ode to understanding life the way it really stands. Our collective perception of the experiences in our youth have been distilled and refined into ‘NOW’.”

“We have taken inspiration from RIDE, The Cure and Slowdive, curdling them together into a sonic tonic ready for fresh digestion and growth into our styles.” The result is refreshing and antique in the most charming way possible and I’m looking forward to hear more of the band!

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