Butterjunk – Woodside

A refreshing blend of dream pop and shoegaze has been released by dream-gaze trio Butterjunk from Newcastle. The band have been making name for themselves since 2018 and are back with new single ‘Woodside’. The slow and rather dramatic intro sets the tone for the rest of ‘Woodside’, building upon a slow paced and hazy alternative soundscape. The vocals seem to almost disappear in the fairy-filled woods that ‘Woodside’ makes me think of.

The trio met at Newcastle University and shortly after started creating what has now become their signature dream-pop blend of intriguing riffs and soothing harmonies. ‘Woodside’ is self-reflective and its structure plays upon the changing of our seasons. The band have created a connection between music and nature, in the form of their dreamy, yet lingering new single.

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