Butterjunk – Normalised (EP)

North East-based power house Butterjunk have recently released a new 4-track EP on which only one of the tracks was previously released. Single ‘Woodside’ set the tone for the bands’ ambitious plan to take the North East by storm but with the release of ‘Normalised’ they are greatly increasing their chances of that becoming reality.

The EP starts of with hazy and dark-wooded single ‘Little Alien’, a soothing intro to the intriguing build up that follows. Butterjunk know how to ease their listeners into their dreamy shoegaze sound. Nearing the end of the first two minutes of ‘Little Alien’ the band goes wild with an experimental instrumental part that transitions smoothly into second track ‘In A Motion’. A song that flows like a river with soaring and grand vocals that shine brightly in the middle of a well-balanced mix. Their guitar-driven sound is innovative and thought out, and sounds really rather effortless.

After nearly 6 minutes of ‘In A Motion’, follows a belter of a ‘Melter’… Yes, I did that. It is a slightly more upbeat single, with hints to influences of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and indie pop vibes. With less instrumental parts than the other songs this would be my favourite single of the EP. The last single on ‘Normality’ is ‘Woodside’, and if you want to know what we think of it, you can read it here!

In Butterjunk’s own words we’ll finish this review: “The range of tempos gives the songs a flow which is perfect for this EP” and I completely agree!

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