Kane Miller – Catch My Heart

“This is the first track from my new self-produced EP, ‘The Isolation Sessions’. Recorded at a cabin on the lake with no cell, internet or communication with the outside world at all.” – Kane Miller

‘Catch My Heart’ is Kane Miller’s beautiful and fragile new single, the first of a few more upcoming self released Isolation Sessions and I can’t wait to hear them all and hopefully be able to listen to the entire EP on my vinyl player. Kane Miller stole my heart with single ‘Kings & Queens’, it being such an upbeat and happy-go-lucky sound and incredibly hard not to move along to, and even though ‘Catch My Heart’ is of a completely different palette, it still is Kane Miller and his open-hearted self without a doubt.

The single is about being honest and sharing your anxieties in a relationship, and sounds like a secret that should no longer be secret yet uncovering it is somewhat terrifying. Miller knows how to translate such a delicate message into a sweet and not at all terrifying song. The entire EP will be out tomorrow!

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