Diving Station – Joanna

One of the last bands I was lucky enough to see live before the lockdown hit was Diving Station, the Manchester-based alternative folk outfit had me mesmerised with their enchanting harp-driven sound and static yet moving performance. Now, the band is back on my radar with their latest single ‘Joanna’!

I was never quite sure if slightly generic indie-lines could go with the delicate sound of a harp but Diving Station are showing me the possibilities and beauty of this unique combination. ‘Joanna’ is another example of their growing confidence and musical talent. The single will also appear on the upcoming EP, one that promises to be filled with well crafted yet not so complicated sounds. In combination with the fine-as-silk vocals, Diving Station dance through magic forests and create soundtracks for them!

‘Joanna’ tells the story of having to confront your emotions, but told in a light-hearted and calm way. There is room for mistakes, as long as you learn to forgive yourself. “‘Johanna’ feels like the moments leading up to an event – poised and prepared.”

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