Didirri – Loose Belt Drive (video)

If you haven’t heard of Didirri yet, now is the time. His new single ‘Loose Belt Drive’ is an incredibly well-structured song with a soothing yet almost haunting soundscape that builds upon a stomping beat, a heart beat? His clean cut vocals are exciting and comforting and I can’t get enough of them. Is this going to be another raving review? It most definitely will be, even though I was not convinced the first and last time I saw him perform live in Paradiso, Amsterdam. I must admit that being a man with guitar on a stage as big as as Paradiso’s main hall is quite the task, yet I have seen men do it.

However, his new single does have me convinced. The indie singer songwriter shows to know where he is headed and his ever growing fanbase is following him wherever he goes. Having a vast group of people that hear your talent and won’t let go seems to have become quite the struggle as our current society has taught us to move on from things as soon as possible, you do not want to hold on to a trend already outdated…

This is only the beginning for Didirri and as his new single comes with a lyric video, I will now be studying on those lyrics and I will be singing them in the shower while pretending to be performing in Paradiso’s main hall myself!

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