Bella Musser – Unlovable

Bella Musser takes you on an intense ride with her new single ‘Unlovable’. The brief talk that introduces her new release made me almost talk back, I was enchanted and the song hadn’t even started yet. “Someone once told me I was unlovable, and now I’m afraid I still believe the lie…” It is delicate, it is breakable and it nearly brought me to tears.

‘Unlovable’ is Bella’s first release of this year and I admire the courage she found to release a singer songwriter-inspired single, one that could have easily come off cheesy, however ‘Unlovable’ is everything except cheesy. “‘Unlovable’ is an ode to the times when we’ve felt less-than, and a small light of hope for the ones who choose to stay despite our flaws and shortcomings. This song is meant to feel raw and real, tugging at the places it matters most and diving headfirst into its emotion.”

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