Quitting Whitney – LA Somewhere (video)

With the world as it is in ashes, Quitting Whitney are offering us a way out, to ‘LA Somewhere’. The LA-based rock duo have just released their new single and are sharing a message of hope after having lost most of the entertainment industry in the fire that is called COVID19. Their infectious and laid back alternative pop sound is a breath of fresh air and a way to clear our heads before heading into a second lockdown.

The video that accompanies the single shows the duo packing their guitars and driving off into LA… Somewhere. The style of their video resembles a vibe a la James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, light-hearted yet serious. We see the band play on a roof in LA and visit empty venues. Their video shows empty spaced yet gives off a feeling of freedom and carelessness, it soothes and comforts me knowing that the band still have hope for a happy ending… Or beginning?

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