Nick Harrison creates guitar-driven jazzy pop songs under the name of CHERITON and his latest release is another perfect example of his smooth pop sound. With previous releases Nick’s mix of indie, pop and surf rock proved to be more upbeat, yet ‘So In Love’ is a soft and almost delicate sound that shows another side of Nick’s musical abilities.

CHERITON is for fans of Metronomy and Tame Impala, and for anyone that enjoys vocals crisp as autumn leaves, warm-coloured and feeling like a comforting hug in confusing times. Time, that is what ‘So In Love’ is about; “it explores the initial pain of a break up, then revisits it later on.” Nick says: “It’s based on a few relationships in my life, my own friends, families’ stories all smooshed together, I suppose they left lasting impressions in some way and I definitely think about them and draw on them whilst performing.”

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